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Catering ケータリング

Kato Suisan’s crabs, which are the top-selling crabs at New Chitose Airport, have a reputation for quality that once you eat them, you cannot taste them anywhere else. Not only that crab, but also a first-class sushi chef makes delicious sushi for customers in their room.
We have highly valuable Japanese sake and whisky, so you can order more on the day.

Sample Menu (The following is just a sample)
– Seasonal Appetizers / Handmade sesame tofu, Salt grilled Kinki (rockfish), Triple variety plate, Grilled dishes, Steamed dishes, Crab Chawanmushi, Boiled Crab
– Nigiri Sushi
– Soup / Crab broth soup
– Dessert / Seasonal fruit
*Vegetarian options available upon request

25,000JPY / person(Minimum 4 people Maximum 10 people.)
*If customer can agree to the minimum charge of 100,000 yen, even one person will be accepted.
*Please put 18% of the service tax and 10% of the consumption tax on total amount.

Number Total
4 ¥129,800
5 ¥162,250
6 ¥194,700
7 ¥227,150
8 ¥259,600
9 ¥292,050
10 ¥324,500

Things to ask(Please post it on Google calendar and share it.)
– Customer’s Name
– Phone number and email address
– Hotel names, room number or address of accommodation
– Number of customers
– Starting time
– Food allergies or Requirements

Catering ケータリング